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Lynn Royce in the fieldLynn A. Royce, Ph.D.

Lynn A. Royce, Ph.D. did her doctoral research on tracheal mites of honey bees and has studied pollinators for over 30 years. Notable achievements include developing a successful patented mating chamber while at Oregon State University and creating a honey bee breeding program that selects for genetic mite resistance. Dr. Royce is a passionate scientist who cares deeply about implementing research in practical applications to improve honey bee health.

Karessa Torgerson with beesKaressa Torgerson

Karessa Torgerson is an EAS Master Beekeeper, owner of Apicurious, and co-owner of Nectar Bee Supply. In addition to serving on the board of Tree Hive Bees, she is a committee member for the Oregon State Master Beekeeper program and teaches and mentors for program participants. She previously served as Officer of Outreach and Education for the Linn/Benton Beekeeper's Association. She enjoys working with both new and seasoned beekeepers to create healthy, thriving colonies.


Ken OgrainKen Ograin

Ken Ograin has been keeping bees since he left his high stress post as Vice President at an engineering firm in favor of a quieter life, nearly thirty years ago. He serves on the committee for the Oregon State Master Beekeeper program. Together with his wife, Nancy, Ken is actively involved with the Lane County Beekeeper's Association, where he is a former Vice President. Ken provides countless hours of mentoring, offering encouragement and expert advice to beekeepers in Oregon. His presentation topics range from getting started with beekeeping to rendering beeswax and everything in between.


Ramesh SagiliRamesh Sagili

Dr. Ramesh Sagili is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. He obtained his PhD in Entomology from Texas A&M University and is a honey bee specialist. His primary research focus at OSU is honey bee health, nutrition, pheromone biology, and pollination.

Ramesh works closely with commercial beekeepers and farmers. His work via OSU Agricultural Extension Service also helps inform the public and educate hobbyist beekeepers and regional beekeeping clubs. Dr. Sagili initiated the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program in 2010. He will also be supervising the PNW Tech Transfer Team for the Bee Informed Partnership.